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Our Customers Love The Great Taste and Convenience of Flex Foods

Brian D. Tallahassee, FL

Whether you are trying to gain weight or loose weight. Diet is 80% of what you are trying to do. If not more. Its not easy at all. But Flex food really helped lay out an easy to follow nutrition plan so that I could achieve my goals. I am still trying to reach my larger goals. Flex is the biggest reason that I have gotten to where I am today. And Flex will continue to be a staple in helping me in this process. Eat healthy and succeed in the golas you have!! "Excellence is not an act, But a habit."

David A. Tallahassee, FL

I cannot say enough good things about Flex Foods! They are THE reason I survived my three years in Tallahassee. I began Flex Foods upon arriving in Tallahassee and continued it throughout the three years I was in school there. For three years, four meals a day, five days a week, meals arrived hot and ready at my door every morning and kept me from being hungry.

V. Fusco Tallahassee, FL

We use flex foods to be able to workout, go to college, work and have an evening with our child. It was really hard for me to lose weight until I heard about Flex Foods. Our family would not eat dinner until 8 pm-9pm. On a good day we would get 7:30. We are very grateful for Flex Foods. Flex Foods has made it possible for me to lose 15 lbs since February, which I still have 30 more to go. We are now a closer family and I have a better relationship with my 13 year old. It is all due to Flex Foods. Thank you very much!

Shannon C. Tallahassee, FL

Juggling my 9-5 communications job with my “full-time passion” job as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness blogger and FitFluential Ambassador doesn’t leave me much free time to prepare clean, healthy meals. That is why I count on the expert team at Flex Foods to provide me with three daily meals packed with flavor, lean protein and just the right amount of good carbs. This food isn’t just delicious – it is vital to keeping me fueled for 2-a-day workouts and multiple client sessions that start before dawn and end after dark. Several of my clients noticed how I had leaned out in recent weeks, and they’re on the Flex Foods train as well! I love it!

    Tallahassee Meal Delivery Clients Love Flex Foods For Our

    quality, variety, and taste!

    I have been a nationally certified personal trainer since 2003. I am also a former USA and FSU track and field athlete. I decided to start Flex Foods because my schedule had gotten to be so busy that I just did not have the time to cook healthy food for myself. Flex Foods provides me with the quality of food to improve my fitness level and my own physique. As a personal trainer, I recommend Flex Foods to all of my clients. I have been very happy with the quality, variety, and good taste of Flex Foods!
    Kim Jones
    Tallahassee, FL

    Reviews From Google

    Melissa FarleyMelissa Farley

    I have been a Flex Foods customer for years. The food is delicious and packaging is minimal, customer service is excellent, the price is affordable, and delivery is on time. I love this company and my life is less complicated because of them.

    Mariyah DavisMariyah Davis

    My family and I have had a great experience with Flex Foods. The food is delicious as well as being healthy!! The delivery is always on time! Trey is always very friendly and is great with communication when it comes to pleasing his customers. And giving them what they ask for! I highly recommend flex food. Especially for those who are busy and always on the go. It’s a great prep food to just grab and bring with you to work or on the go! Highly recommended 10/10!!!

    Craphonso ThorpeCraphonso Thorpe

    I have been a client with Flex Foods for 6 months now!! It has been absolutely amazing. The food is always fresh and it taste amazing. So often when we think “healthy” food it does not taste good. Not with Flex Foods! Super excited to watch my body transform with this new lifestyle!!

    Charity CannavoCharity Cannavo

    The food is delicious and filling! I started this because I’m a busy, working mom who doesn’t have time to meal prep like I should, so I ended up eating fast food way too much. Flex Foods has saved me from overspending on eating out and makes it so I can have easy, healthy and stress-free meals while I’m on the go. Seriously, try it. You’ll be happy you did.

    Our Most

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Delivery Area

    Currently, Flex Foods delivers in the Tallahassee area only.  If you have a question about whether or not you are in our delivery zone.  Please contact us before placing your order to avoid time consuming refunds.

    Delivery Days

    Flex Foods now delivers twice a week on Sunday (between 4pm and 8pm) and Wednesday Evenings (between 4pm-8pm). We encourage you to leave a cooler to place food in if you do not intend to be home during those times.

    Do You Consider Yourself a “Picky” Eater?

    Flex Foods does not modify menus on a per order basis (i.e “hold the tomatoes”).  However, we have a very wide menu so there is something for everyone.  We encourage you to check out this week’s menu for an idea of what is prepared and delivered before ordering.


    Other FAQs

    Yes!  Flex Foods is unique in that customer’s get to pick their meals from a variable menu with consistent choices along with weekly special offerings.  Forget to pick your meals?  Don’t worry, our cooks will package default meals from our most popular choices.

    There are no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time.  However, we do not refund unused portions of a subscription.

    Not at this time.  However, if you’d like us to attempt a re-delivery or hold your meals until the following delivery day we can gladly do that.

    Flex Foods delivers twice weekly Flex Foods now delivers twice a week on Sunday (between 4pm and 8pm) and Wednesday Evenings (between 4pm-8pm).on 

    Getting Started Is Easy



    Choose Your Plan

    Select from a variety of meal plans tailored to your specific health goals. Then choose your meals from a professionally prepared menu every week. There are plenty of meal choices on the menu including options for those on low-carb, paleo and vegetarian diets!



    Meals Are Cooked Fresh!

    Our food is prepared with three goals in mind: fresh, healthy and delicious. Two certified professional food managers are on property at all times and all of our staff is Sani-Safe certified.



    Meals Are Delivered

    Your meals are delivered predictably on Sunday (between 4pm and 8pm) and Wednesday Evenings (between 4pm-8pm). Enjoy the best tasting meals you never had to cook!

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